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If your company builds, sells, integrates, and/or implements technology solutions or financial services as your core business, I have video solutions specifically for your industry that are designed to maximize the effectiveness of your messaging. If you are actively in the process of shifting from external video production to internalizing your video capabilities to save money and gain more control of your video messaging, I can help accelerate the process and share best practices. Transforming how you develop, sell, position, market, package, price, and deliver your technology solutions and financial services is no easy feat. There are many risks and challenges along the way. I have helped many tech companies and financial firms through the transition, and I would love to help you too.

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When it comes to video, most companies struggle with the following 3 areas.
Which one can you most relate to?

More control over cost & content

  • “It’s going to cost a lot to outsource video.”
  • “We have a lot of videos to produce.”
  • “Can’t we just do it ourselves?”

Improve video quality & strategy

  • “Why are our videos not getting leads?”
  • “Which videos should we be making?”
  • “How can we increase video engagement?”
  • “Why do our videos not look and sound good enough?”

Lower risk & higher ROI on videos

  • “Our past videos are no increasing our sales.”
  • “I feel like we wasted our money on video.”
  • “What videos are most effective for my industry?”

You can't argue with the


This video gives some conclusive evidence that video can increase your win-rates and help speed up your customer acquisition

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What my clients are saying

These testimonials range across all of the services I provide. Reach out to me if you have any questions about the success we have seen through our work.

Mark Stuyt

Chief Engagement Officer, Neural Impact

Caitlin Percival

Marketing Director, IC Thrive

David Brochu

Marketing Director, XRM Vision

Brent Peacock

Financial Planner + Founder, Peacock Sheridan Group

Over the past several years, our companies have developed a symbiotic relationship with Starling Communications. Jordy’s dedication to excellence in every step of the video production process is evident in the work he produces. We have always appreciated his willingness to roll up his sleeves and truly fit in as a member of our sales, marketing, and PR teams. He has the capability and expertise to help us with everything from scripting, in-house studio set-up, shooting, editing, and project management. He is the ice cream to our pie, the Laurel to our Hardy, and the wind to our wings.

Dave Cartwright

Marketing Professional

I’ve had the pleasure of working with dozens of videographers in my marketing and dance career from the wildly artistic to the wildly corporate and regulated. Spanning across Canada from Toronto to Vancouver. Working with Jordy and seeing his work first hand has made me a fan. There are very few videographers that I have come across that can direct someone on camera with professionalism and poise like Jordy does and the high quality of his production is movie-level. I’m a strong believer in “it’s not about the car – it’s about the person driving” and Jordy is a prime example of that to a high caliber. Work with Jordy and you will feel comfort and confidence in your video project not only in the end product but in the journey to get there.

Andrew Yang

Marketing Architect

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