Over the last 15 years I have produced thousands of videos for hundreds of wonderful clients. Here are some of my more recent and featured projects. I can easily provide links to past work that show my past experience related to your industry.

BSM Technologies: MTO Case Study Video

BSM Wireless, a global leader in fleet management software, worked with the Ministry of Transportation Office for Toronto, Canada for the 2015 PanAm games. It was a great experience learning about the project and then breaking down the process to show how excellent the experience is for companies to work with BSM Wireless.

Canadian Energy: Recruitment Video

Canadian Energy, a renewable and mobile power solution provider, needed to entice potential employees to join their team. I put together this quick, punchy video to tease viewers with the culture, energy, and drive that Canadian Energy has. The production time from start to delivery was 1 week, proving that, if you know what you want and can make quick decisions, video doesn’t have to be that big of a resource drain and video assets can be produced and published easily.

Canadian Energy: How to stack batteries (internal training video)

This is a great example of a fully produced video by one of my clients who has gone through my full training program. I trained them on how to shoot with a custom made gimbal camera kit. Then I trained them on how to edit a clip in Adobe Premiere Pro. I then went to the location and guided them through the shoot which was fully conceived, planned, and shot that day. They then edited the video and I gave feedback on how to tweak their edit for a high quality polish. The entire process from shoot to launch was 3 days. This video has empowered them to feel much more confident in their production skills.

BSM Technologies: GPS Unit Installation Series

BSM has been trained up of how to plan, structure, and shoot how-to videos for their prospects and clients. This video is part of a 4 video series and was shot by BSM and then sent to me for editing. I added music, color correction, improved audio mixing, and titles. The turn around for each video was 24 hours and they had the series ready for launch 1 week after shooting. By simplifying the process and building pre-made templates for my clients, they are able to dramatically increase the creation of video assets for their marketing initiatives.

BSM Technologies: Extending the Life of Construction Equipment

A first in a series of “Snippet” videos designed to quickly educate viewers on a specific, searchable component of an automated services for fleet managers.

BSM Technologies: Transform GPS Data into Actionable Business Intelligence

Designed initially as a “Snippet” video, this video was expanded to incorporate character animation and more information to educate the viewer on managing service data.

AT&T Fleet Manager: Smarter Salt

Governments are having trouble managing salt shortages for road crews during winter months. This video was designed to identify industry pains and then offer the solutions needed. Built to empower decision makers in government positions to save the day and make their superiors look great!

BSM Technologies: Minimize Exposure to Liability

BSM Technologies aims to educate it’s customers and prospects on the benefits of fleet management technology in their organizations. This project was designed to provide key features and benefits and drive viewers to reach out and learn more. This video was also adapted and branded for use by AT&T Fleet Manager; another way to maximize video content and costs across multiple channels and partners.

Webtech Wireless: ELD Mandate Video

This motion graphics video was designed to walk the viewer (trucking company fleet managers) through some of the ELD mandate features and urge them to get compliant. It was important to educate and entertain while creating brand awareness. This video is designed to create credibility and knowledge while making the viewer feel comfortable connecting with Webtech to learn more.

Lat-Lon LLC: What is Impact Detection?

Much like the educational videos for BSM Technologies, this client wanted to create industry knowledge videos that educate the viewers but also showcase their hardware and software solutions as the proper industry standard.

Matte & Associates: What is a Financial Advisor? Explainer Video

This explainer video is designed to educate and engage the viewer while building trust and loyalty to the brand. Advisors can use this video to educate prospective clients as well as keep current clients informed. It’s all about building and retaining the intimate relationship which is Financial Planning.

Interior Savings Credit Union: Bursary Program

This motion graphics video was design to explain the credit union’s unique bursary program in a way that will resonate with teenagers as well as their parents.

Central Okanagan Regional District: Waste Water Treatment Facility

This project was designed to explain the state-of-the-art treatment facility in West Kelowna to the appropriate officials and community members. A fun project (although a little bit smelly at times) and a very smooth video production process.

Shuswap Veterinary Hospital: Passion Video

The first in a series of vet clinic video, Shuswap vet is a large clinic with many Veterinarian Partners. This video received roughly 12,000 Facebook views in the first 2 weeks and has been extremely successful for the clinic. It was designed and produced to showcase the clinic, create a compassionate personality to the clinic, and show it’s connection to the community. To get more bang for their buck, we also shot quick video blog topics while on the shoot and started a series of informative videos for their clients.

Fairfield Animal Hospital: How to brush your pet's teeth

I worked with Fairfield to create a 6 video series on educating their clients on how to properly take care of their pets to ensure a healthier life. Through education and offering value, Fairfield will better connect with their clients, show them more value from their vet, prove their exceptional knowledge, and improve retention. It also shows culture and personality in the clinic.

Lake Country School of Dance: Promo

Sometimes you just need to create something fun to show the personality and skill of your company. In order to keep costs low and the effort manageable, I designed this video to be shot in one location and essentially one camera setup. We cycled through each dance student throughout the day and shot their favorite moves. The result is a high energy promo video geared for gaining new students as well as creating pride within the current student culture.