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More and more often, companies have been naturally concluding that they not only have to aggressively start adding videos to their marketing efforts, but it makes more economic sense to become equipped with video skills within their marketing departments. My instinct tells me that that is why you are on this page in the first place. If that’s the case, you already know that videos, when produced properly by an agency or freelancer, can be very expensive. We estimate that an average 90 second business video costs between $4000 to $6000 to produce externally.

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Let’s not forget that external producers are never as educated with your products and services as you and your team are. You have easy access to your entire team for content. And, with a solid video strategy and production skills in place, you really are the best team to effectively produce your video content. It’s also very hard to adopt a strong video culture, complete with impromptu event and culture videos, when you have to schedule and hire an external video team. We estimate that with an initial investment of gear and training, you will save 60% to 80% of video costs by producing them yourself rather than outsourcing production.

Video Packages

I offer the following variety of video workshops and services that bundle together to get your department up and running and aggressively hitting your video goals

Video Strategy & Onboarding Workshop

This one-day on-site workshop is strongly focused on creating a successful video strategy unique to your business goals

Video Shoot Training Workshop

This one-day on-site workshop is focused on getting you comfortable enough to prep, setup, and shoot your own videos internally

Video Editing Training Workshop

This half day web-cam workshop is focused on familiarizing your video team with editing a video topic from start to finish. Your team will follow along as we take your through the steps

Video Managed Service Packages

In order to maintain this accountability and proper execution of your video goals, we have a variety of packaged managed service offers to help you get your internal video department off and running... and keep them running

Video Editing Services

At any time, I can jump in and offer editing or general production services to take the load off of your resources.

Video Training Testimonial: Neural Impact

Examples of Internally Produced Videos After My Training

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