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Nurture Your Video Skills

Once you have the skills to produce videos and a solid, repeatable video practice in place, it is very important to develop and maintain a strong video strategy. All too often organizations lack the guidance or confidence to stay strong with their video goals, and all the expenses and time we have put into video training efforts have been wasted. Adopting an effective video culture within your organization requires a high level of accountability to strengthen that culture, ensure ownership, build trust from your executive team, set expectations and performance indicators, and breed excellence by empowering your team.

“accountability is probably the single most important element fueling truly successful organizations.” ~Forbes

In order to maintain this accountability and proper execution of your video goals, Neural Impact has a variety of packaged managed service offers to help you get your internal video department off and running... and keep them running! Fundamentally, we will help adapt your strategy every step of the way, conceptualize projects, and give guidance. In our more comprehensive packages we will jump in deeper with your team to support and grow your internal video department. Essentially, we are committed to seeing you succeed during your video journey.

Managed Services Packages

Take-Off Support

$499 / month
  • Up to 4 hours per month of scheduled planning and emergency video support

Pro Focus Management

$1999 / month
  • Up to 6 hours per month of scheduled and emergency video support calls
  • Weekly video content strategy development and planning
  • Video project management support to keep video projects on task and hitting content launch goals
  • Monthly Pro-tip Program: receive 1 tutorial video each month that gives tips on how to improve and add more professionalism to your videos
  • Project review and feedback notes for improvement of skills
  • Co-editing: Provide final editing adjustments and review to ensure high quality professional final product
  • Screen recordings of editing changes from co-editing session that help you learn from the adjustments
  • Weekly review of analytics, viewership, and performance tracking with recommendations

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