What makes me unique?

I am a strategic, multidisciplinary video trainer/producer/consultant who advocates value driven content with a focus on authenticity and viewer engagement. To help my clients build video marketing campaigns that are laser-focused, I find pains within their marketing/sales funnel, identify applicable videos within each stage, and design a solid video plan with cost, efficiency and effectiveness in mind. I am the Master Video Director, Consultant, and Trainer with Neural Impact, an organization that helps technology companies accelerate their customer acquisition and growth strategies through a better understanding of neuroscience, emotional engagement and tribal behavior. I was also the Founder and Creative Director of Starling Explainers. A turn-key video solution that helps Financial Advisors easily and inexpensively start using video to educate and add value to their clients. Below are some of my unique differentiators.


Industry focus

Did you know that there is a direct correlation between business industry specialization and high win rates? This is because businesses that specialize in a specific industry have a competitive advantage over others that are more broad in their offerings. My business specializes in High-Tech B2B and Finance because these are the industries that I have worked with the most and have intimate knowledge of their current struggles and business climate. This has enabled me to build specific solutions that drive the best results.

Feel free to explore these packages.


Emotional Engagement & Neuroscience Best Practices

There is a lot of brain science that takes place when your prospect is going through their buyer journey with your offers. There are natural heuristics that create biases all throughout the structure of your messaging, and it's a delicate balance. To create content that has the highest chance of emotionally engaging your prospects, it is best to consider how their brains are hard-wired and how we can give them authentic, curated content that will resonate with them. With my work with Neural Impact, a high-tech consulting group who works with global Microsoft partners, we have studied and designed content strategies that utilize these neural marketing best practices. With every project I develop, the foundation is always in these learning's to ensure your video content is as strong as it can be.


Training & Support

A huge shift I have started to see in medium to large organizations is the need to internalize their video capabilities. This is due to more businesses realizing the benefit and need for more video content. But, when outsourcing to a video vendor, it can get costly when you want to create a large amount of videos quickly. Internalizing and learning video yourself can dramatically cut down production costs and give you more control over your content. But the learning curve can be steep.

For years I have been creating and implementing training programs into businesses that strive for more video content. Additionally, I offer ongoing support to those businesses that want to grow and improve their video effectiveness as well as adapt their strategies. Feel free to check out my training and support packages and reach out with any questions.

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I'm always excited to talk to people who want to know more about video. Please feel free to reach out.


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